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“I was amazed at how “right on” you were about me.  I have been in depth soul searching for several months now.  It has taken me over 3 years to heal, survive, find myself and now to be me again.  I love it!”

Jamie2Vision-Map“People who know what they want and who they are, people who have goals & can identify the path in front of them because they have put it there on their own, GET THINGS DONE. Michelle Dawnn knows this. She’s a  Jacksonville  life coach who offers an amazing workshop on mapping not just your visions, but your actual self.

Here’s how I fell into this awesome garden of enlightenment, self-realization, fun, good company, and good food. (An aside, but still…macaroni and cheese and Harvey Wallbanger cupcakes? Yet more visions!)

My friend Valerie signed up for a workshop on “vision mapping,” where you design an aid that serves to remind you not just of your dreams and goals, but your strengths, your character, and your individualism. Valerie takes this class once a year, and it was interesting to see how her map changed from last year to now. Even more interesting was how many of her goals she had achieved and how truly her maps characterize the very best parts of her.

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“I had an awesome time. I enjoyed meeting everyone and creating the board. As you were reading, I was trying to retain all that you said but I know I heard every word. It has resonated ever since. I look at it and seem to get lost for a minute... it truly speaks volumes to me.”

“My vision board project really helped me and I look at it everyday. It truly helped me to become a better parent and become more present in the interaction with my daughter.”

“I run a small business, as a perk to my team I scheduled coaching sessions for myself and five staff members. Our experience was profound.

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“Michelle’s life experiences and true gift of being a Life Coach is priceless. As you can see the evidence are in the maps. I went from, on the verge of divorce to a balanced life. She has a true understanding of coaching, she is more than a business coach; she is a Life Coach.”

“I enjoyed the Vision Map evening very much and was glad to be included. I woke up to my board this morning and felt light and happy, despite the rain & gloom. I feel like I'm on a new journey and you helped add to the resources I'm taking on that new journey. Your book will be in my backpack...xxoo”

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