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Vision Mapping is a fun and highly effective focusing technique I use to encourage transitional shifts.  Maybe you’ve heard the term vision board or even created one in the past. Comparatively, my vision map technique is an extended and deeper practice using the same popular tool.

vision image

By assembling and displaying visual images, words and phrases that speak to your soul, you can create powerful reminders to concentrate on the areas of your life that are most meaningful. Your purpose and passions are realized through this exercise allowing you to create balance between your personal and professional growth.

I began the vision map process about 13 years ago while watching an episode of Oprah. It was an enjoyable afternoon project I completed in a few short hours. I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I was finished because it was truly an accurate representation of me at the time.

Then, life happened and my map was stored away for safe keeping. Several years later it resurfaced and I decided to share this project with my girlfriends. It was such a hit that it became a yearly tradition. Back then we went around the table and shared our maps, pointing out the obvious themes and describing what the words and images symbolized.

It was interesting to see not only what everyone wished for, but also the feeling behind the images. We all experienced a “purging of emotions” so to speak which surprisingly made us feel better. I found that viewing my maps from year-to-year gave me a clearer vision of my abilities and essentially guided me down my path of self-discovery.

Years later when I became a Certified Coach, I incorporated vision mapping into my group workshops, events, and individual sessions. While many coaches use this tool, I bring my own unique spin to the process through intuitive map readings. My personal talent is being able to read your vision map and provide insight into your true self and life purpose.

Many people create vision boards as a fun wish list of things and experiences they want to have. My guided vision map sessions go far beyond this. After completing your map, you’ll receive a private reading from me and gain personal insight into:

  • where you are today
  • what you desire most
  • what drives and motivates you
  • how you express your life’s purpose

It’s an accurate interpretation without “fluff” that provides clarity and significant meaning to your vision. Mapping is such a life changing experience; it’s now a requirement for all my new clients.

Although you'll gain clarity of your goals and dreams through completing a map, please note this is NOT a Dream Board. Rather, it's an accurate snapshot of where you are in life and validation of what serves you. With my intuitive guidance your inner wisdom is revealed in an eye-opening way.

I must warn you: Many times I strike a chord without knowing a thing about you and sometimes tears are shed... but good ones!

Other benefits of this visual journey include:

  • Renewed focus about what's most important to you
  • Confidence to make meaningful changes for the better
  • Acknowledgement of your ability to succeed
  • Positive reinforcement of your self-worth and authentic power
  • Daily encouragement to honor your unique abilities
  • A transformational shift in your overall perception and attitude

I recommend completing at least one map per year and keeping it displayed for daily reflection/inspiration. Over time you can chart your growth by comparing the maps you’ve created and realizing how much your life has improved. Contact me today for more information on scheduling the Vision Map Session best suited for you. 

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----Personal Mapping----

Includes a 30 Min. Reading
with or without Detailed Notes

Complete a map on your own
time in the comfort of your
home. I’ll give you approximately
one week to complete your map.

Then simply email me a photo of your map for my interpretation during a 30 minute scheduled call. All information and images are kept confidential.

Supplies Needed:

Regular Sized Poster Board (Any Color)
Elmer’s Washable Glue Stick
Lots of your Favorite Magazines

-----Group Mapping-----

Includes a 15 Min. Reading per person &
each participant takes their own notes.

Your Map is completed in a
relaxed group setting of 6-8

It’s a fun afternoon project
better enjoyed when shared
with close family and friends.
If you tend to procrastinate,
group mapping is your best
option to ensure you stay
committed to the process.

Duration is approx. 4 hrs.

All Supplies Provided

----Couples Mapping----

Includes a 20 Min. Reading &
each couple takes their own notes.

One Map per couple is
completed in a group setting
of 6 or 8 participants.

This hands-on project will
enrich your relationship &
open the doors of
communication with your
partner. Spend some quality
time together while learning
to honor your priorities as a couple.

Duration is approx. 3 hrs.

All Supplies Provided

Vision Map Preservation

Most clients are profoundly impacted by these illuminating sessions and choose to preserve their “masterpiece”. Lamination services are available upon completion of your map to safeguard against water damage, re-gluing, and overall wear and tear.