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Coaching is an opportunity to work with an experienced individual who supports your vision, ideas, and life’s purpose. Together we partner as one sound mind, solely focusing on the goals YOU set out to accomplish. Through clear and intuitive communication I help you create a plan of action to achieve your desired results. 

MD TreeCoaching is often confused with Therapy; however, these practices are completely unrelated to one another. Coaches do not fix you, focus on the past, or dwell on your prior mistakes. Instead, they help you determine your own path as you learn to take responsibility for your actions starting now.

In comparison, Therapists are valuable experts in healing wounds from the past and typically help people deal with diagnosed conditions such as depression, trauma, anxiety, addiction, and other emotionally challenging or highly sensitive issues.

Coaching is a good fit for you if you are ready, here and now, to make significant improvements in your life and seek a more satisfying future. I invite you to envision how coaching can impact your personal and professional success.


  • Tapping into your intuitive wisdom and letting it guide you
  • The ability to think “without” the box and gain a fresh, new perspective instead
  • Being empowered to make healthy changes and take positive action
  • Receiving support and encouragement to maximize your potential with a “Can Do” attitude
  • Being heard with a non-judgmental ear in a confidential and trustworthy environment
  • Feeling inspired to be creative, resourceful, productive, and successful in all you do
  • Being part of a co-creative relationship committed to helping you achieve your goals

Your authentic self is revealed when the true desires of your heart are aligned with your thoughts and actions. It takes courage to step back and realize it's not "what" happens to you, rather "how" you choose to perceive and react to life's challenges.

Gaining clarity about what you want and not what someone else expects of you brings forth divine balance and harmony. I’ll help you take positive action in your life by realizing the value of your existence so you can maintain a healthy self-image.

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best suited for you.

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-One-on-One Coaching-

1 hour Private Coaching Sessions
with me on a topic of your choice
with notes & next steps provided to you.

Think about the biggest obstacle
you’re struggling with and would
like to overcome. The more you
share about the issue the better I
can guide you. I’ll help you create
a plan of action and hold you
accountable to follow through in
achieving your desired result.

Can be purchased per session
OR in a bundle of four (4) at a
discounted rate.

-----Group Coaching-----

45 Minute Group Sessions on one
topic below with up to 25 other participants.

Topics include:

Self-Image Development 

Time Management

Organized Solutions

Learning to Say “No”

Tapping into Your Intuition

Unleashing Your Authentic Power
(Copy of Core Appeal required) 

Purchased per session only

----Monthly Mentoring----

Two, 45 minute One-on-One
Sessions per month with notes,
next steps, & email access to me.

12 Month Plan = 24 Sessions
6 Month Plan = 12 Sessions
4 Month Plan = 8 Sessions

Monthly support to be your best
through life’s changing and often
times challenging circumstances.
Maintain a healthy “Can Do
attitude with encouragement to
stay in divine alignment with
your purpose.

Select a 4, 6, or 12 Month Plan,
Paid in Full at time of purchase.