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I specialize in Self Image Development using Vision Mapping techniques to help you transform your life with a valid sense of self-worth. My mission is to guide and inspire you to make meaningful changes that support your purpose, values, and beliefs.

I meet so many dynamic women who struggle to feel valued and worthy of happiness. It's easy to get lost in the overwhelming wave of expectation and crushing pressures of perfectionism...I've been there. Day by day you become your own worst critic, which leaves you feeling less than mediocre and completely unfulfilled.

However, you CAN pull yourself from the trenches and create a more joyful life for yourself. A shift in perspective and priorities can help you get out of your own way and take positive action. Learning to love yourself from the inside out and honoring your intuitive wisdom are critical steps to unleashing your authentic power.

I offer several services to transform old patterns and remove self-limiting beliefs. Working in a co-creative environment, I support what you want most out of life. Our time together keeps your vision alive and gives you the freedom to be heard without judgment. A quality coaching experience requires being completely open to the process and willing to take positive action from start to finish.

No value is received in any endeavor unless you are fully committed to put forth the effort. I'm a “give it to you straight” kind of gal and will not sugar-coat an action plan to pacify you. I'm dedicated to helping you succeed and building a relationship based on trust, honesty, and respect. Time is too precious to waste, so I only work with clients who are determined to make meaningful changes essential to their overall success.

A complementary “Shine Session” is recommended to discuss which services work best for your individual needs:

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