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ID-10050727Do you feel like life often gets so busy that you forget to take time for yourself?  As summer comes to an end & school starts back, hectic schedules will take priority over your own needs leaving you stressed and burnt out! Self-care is a key ingredient to maintaining a healthier lifestyle and making you more productive in accomplishing daily tasks. Challenge yourself to reserve 30-minutes a day for an activity that brings YOU joy. Your time is what you make of it so be creative in fitting it in where you can. Try waking up a little earlier, working it into your lunch break, waiting until the kids go to bed, committing to the same time each day, etc. Take control of squeezing in enjoyable and uninterrupted breaks. More importantly, since this is a guilt-free challenge, remember to be kind and patient with yourself as you make this adjustment… even if you miss a day.

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