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CoreappealDo you lack a positive self image? Do you struggle with perfectionism? Do you wear a social mask to fit in? It's so easy to get lost in the overwhelming wave expectations that we face every day. Family, friends, co-workers, even complete strangers have strong opinions about the way you live. When was the last time you took some time to shut out all the noise and focus on the quality of your existence? By nature, most of us are people pleasers. We spend days, years, even lifetimes trying to win the approval of others. There is a difference between contributing to the happiness of others and completely abandoning yourself to the purpose of others. Have you ever wondered: When is it my turn? If you picked up this book, your turn is now! Michelle offers simple, yet profound, techniques that reveal core layers of your personality and teach you how to live with a dynamic sense of self- worth. Learn to feel valued by identifying your unique qualities and embracing each one with love and acceptance. Calmly release the crushing pressure of perfectionism and embrace the power of living an authentic life. You can do more for yourself and others when you live in awareness of your self-worth.

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