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Dawnn Michelle-K-smallMy desire to help others goes back to childhood when life should have been fun-loving and memorable. Instead, my young eyes saw far more fearful and unpleasant times than I care to remember. I was raised by a divorced mother and stepfather dealing with personal struggles of their own leaving me seen but rarely heard.

Growing up in a house filled with domestic violence, drugs, and other abuse, I felt trapped, invisible, and very uncertain about my future. Thankfully, I was able to overcome my negative thoughts through unwavering faith and fierce determination.

In my adulthood I learned that the adversity I faced molded me into the woman I am today and every experience has made me stronger and wiser. My career started with a successful job in Corporate America though my downfall was being a people pleaser and letting perfectionism rule my world. Perhaps you can relate.

It was exhausting trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations in both my personal and professional life. I was independent and confident on the outside, but struggling to feel worthy on the inside.

Once I became a mom, I finally had the opportunity to give my kids the type of upbringing I lacked and they deserved. Motherhood gave me serenity like I had never known and a real sense of belonging. Staying home with them brought such joy to my heart it seemed to lift all the burdens I carried on my shoulders for so long. I knew it was time to break the cycle and ensure my kids felt loved, valued, and worthy of greatness!

Life drastically changed again after an unexpected divorce. The circumstances were less than ideal and instantly my priorities shifted. My reality of wanting everything “just so” no longer mattered. I began taking a closer look at who I was and the woman I wanted to become. As I pressed forward to rebuild my life and give my children a stable and loving home, acknowledging my inner beauty was key. I found myself encouraging other women to embrace their God-given talents by practicing the art of self-love.

My transformational journey has been full of road blocks, making me question why nothing ever seemed to fall into place at the right time or the way I expected. After studying my vision maps coupled with a lot of prayer and deep soul searching, I realized that my divine path to coach others was right in front of me all along.

I was amazed at how all the words, pictures, and phrases displayed on each of my vision maps fit together like a puzzle and gave me a realistic snapshot of what mattered most to me. Every experience has allowed me to learn, share and become the best version of myself I can be…imperfections and all.

I believe you too can conquer your fears and face life’s challenges head on. The first step is getting out of your own way and allowing your inner wisdom to guide your path. I’ll show you how a clear vision, fully aligned with your purpose, paves the way towards a joyful and more fulfilled life!

It’s Your Time to Shine!
Michelle Dawnn

Author of Book, CORE APPEAL, Unleash Your Authentic Power to Create a Positive Self Image.

Michelle is a Certified Coach, to learn more, please visit the Coach Training Alliance.

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